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Preserving our brand.

Located in the middle of California’s agricultural heartland, Golden State Restaurant Group is perfectly positioned to access all of the freshest ingredients for our burgers, chicken sandwiches, and salads. When you eat at Golden State Restaurant Group, you can rest assured that your meals are prepared with only the finest, locally-sourced ingredients.

Field to Restaurant Tours

Our region is a hub for attacks on the McDonald’s brand and our food. Our region has the highest number of people who say they would not visit a McDonald’s in their next 10 informal restaurant visits. Our plan is to increase transparency with internal and external audiences at new events.

In 2019, McDonald's purchased a total of $
in California ingredients.

Can you guess how much McDonald’s spent in California on the ingredients below?


48,176,000 pounds


2,100,000 pounds

Lettuce and Onions

107,338,000 pounds

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