Improving the communities
we serve.

One in six people in America face hunger. In 2015, more than 48 million Americans lived in food insecure households–including over 15 million children. Up to 40% of the food produced in America is never consumed. Since society has taught us to value food and not be wasteful, the Harvest Program was created to allow food from our kitchens to be repurposed for those in need rather than thrown away.

Our teams take pride and ownership in the program from seeing the positive results of being able to feed those in need in our community. Food safety procedures are executed at the highest level, as always at McDonald’s, to ensure that the food we serve to our guests and the food donated to those in need is safe to eat. The Harvest Program allows our restaurant teams to continually serve high-quality meals to our guests, while serving a higher purpose within our communities.

Community involvement requires a huge role from the Harvest Program. We donate over 3,000 turkeys each year to local police and fire departments, local non-profits, our employees, and other members of our community. The Harvest Program also allows for Golden State Restaurant Group to sponsor community events and community barbecues involving food donations when needed. Additionally, each and every employee receives a complete meal during their shift. This employee program has been adopted into the Harvest Program as one of the many needs Golden State Restaurant Group serves.

1,110,000 + meals donated since 2015

I work in a McDonald’s franchisee office, and had heard about the food donation program while working in orientation. However, seeing is definitely believing. I volunteered at St. Mary’s Dining Room for a school project and was able to personally work with the McDonald’s donations that came in. The amount of food that was donated in a single week was no joke! I had no idea that McDonald’s donated so much food. I was able to see, first-hand, how these donations helped those in our community who are going through tough times and unable to provide. It was a really great experience and it makes me happy to know I work for such an admirable company.

– Sumera Awan

Golden State Restaurant Group participates in the Coffee Grounds Recycling Program which allows used coffee grounds to be utilized as soil amendment or compost, instead of filling landfills. This practice benefits the communities we serve and the global community by reducing the level of greenhouse gases released into the environment. The program provides guests the ability to use coffee grounds in their gardens, a practice that adds minerals to the soil and improves soil structure. From sustainably sourced beans, to your favorite McCafe beverage, you can feel good about Golden State Restaurant Group’s environmental impact.

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